TIENS Propolis Kautabletten

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Honig ist nicht die einzige perfekt geratene Frucht der Arbeit, die die Bienen leisten. Diese überaus nützlichen Insekten produzieren außerdem das Bienenharz, das Propolis genannt wird. Propolis kam bereits bei den alten Ägyptern, Griechen und Assyrern zum Einsatz.

Propolis is a resin mixture of plant resins collected by bees from the buds of certain plants and trees such as poplars, birches or horse chestnuts. The buds of these plants are covered by a substance protecting them from bacteria, mites, fungi and insects. Bees make use of the properties of the collected resins by covering with them the elements of the beehive, insulating it but also disinfecting – by mummifying – the bodies of dead vermin that invaded the hive and which, due to their size, could not be removed. The medicinal use of propolis by man has its roots back in ancient times.